Stand out, scale up and deliver success with quality.

Assured Thought is a quality assurance and software testing company for financial services firms in the UK, Europe and beyond.

With the right QA testing strategy, access to the right tools and resources, and the support of high performance specialists, you can accelerate the growth of your business and reap the rewards in a complex world.

Manage risk. Maximise opportunity. Deliver certainty.

Manage risk.
Maximise opportunity.
Deliver certainty.

  • Certainty
  • Quality
  • Agility
  • Governance
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Platforms & Technology.

 The risks of failure.

Immature Testing Operating Model.
  • Legal

    Failure to deliver regulatory requirements leads to fines, lost clients, and reputational damage.

  • Delay

    Project overruns and abandonment cause wasted effort, frustrated staff, and hefty bills.

  • Ethical

    Unmet requirements for clients, employees and shareholders harm a company’s integrity and brand.

  • ROI

    When project goals are not fully realised, companies lose the expected return on their investment.

  • Defects

    Live application failures of accuracy, useability, reliability and security cost money, erode trust, and clients leave.

Five steps for
transformational quality.



Augment your delivery teams with Assured Thought specialists who test and verify your platforms and applications, ensuring the highest quality outcomes even faster.



QA and testing challenges are overcome with our accelerators, proven products that enable rapid, efficient, and effective quality.



We partner with you to help execute your most complex business and digital change delivery programmes.



Audits and assessments that provide you with the clarity and answers you need to progress with certainty and peace of mind.



You deserve to be recognised for success. It’s time to shine the spotlight on your teams work and achievements and recognise that quality is a vital function of any firm – Be great at what you know, and known for what you’re great at.

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  • I speak regularly with Assured Thought, and we were able to shape our Test and QA function into a mature service that provides high value to our business. We've implemented a testing strategy that supports and enables our change and digital transformation programme at Coutts, helping to improve the quality of our products considerably. Their approach to testing is more holistic than others, they understand how people, processes, and technology all play a vital role in quality. We are far less reliant on hero Business SMEs for executing tests and the introduction of test automation has given us a level of agility not previously seen. Their expertise in the field of QA and testing is unmatched by anyone else that we have come across. They are masters at explaining technical concepts in plain English. They have a passion for testing and digital transformation, and this enthusiasm is obvious when they speak on the subject.