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Assured Thought is proud to be working with a high performance team of top QA test specialists, business leaders, and creative and skilled professionals who share our values and are passionate about our vision.

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Our purpose.

Assured Thought are a quality assurance and software testing company for financial services firms in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Since 2016, our purpose is to see our clients excel through quality and as a result enjoy increased profit, happier customers & employees, and eradicated waste for a sustainable future. Delivering success through quality.

We believe that we know our clients, industry and technology better than anyone else. We speak their language. We know our clients must manage risk, maximise opportunities and deliver certainty in an increasingly competitive and complex world in order to thrive.

We’re an award-winning consulting business that partners with our clients to ensure they have a complete and appropriate QA testing strategy and delivery framework that enables them to continue solving meaningful problems and delivering quality change for an exciting future.

Our vision.

We believe that excellence should be normal and poor quality consigned to history, and as a consequence, valuable resources and innovation are liberated to solve meaningful problems for businesses, communities and our planet.

Our values.

Be Humble. Be Hungry. Be Smart.

We subscribe to Patrick Lencioni’s central thesis that an ideal team player possesses a potent combination of three virtues. Humble, hungry and smart.


Humility in a team member shows up as a lack of excessive ego or concerns about status. They are quick to share credit, praise others freely, and sometimes even forego credit due to them in the interest of celebrating the team’s collective win. They demonstrate strong alignment towards the team’s goals and prioritise collective wins over individual ones. Humble team players are self-confident but not arrogant. A memorable quote that summarises this indispensable attribute is: “Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.”.


Hungry people are always looking for more. They are intrinsically motivated, diligent, and have a strong desire to do more by going above and beyond. Hungry people do not have to be pushed by their managers to perform; they constantly look for more responsibility and think about the next step and the next opportunity for the team and our clients.


Emotional intelligence and interpersonal awareness. The capability to conduct oneself in a group situation and deal with others in the most effective way. Emotionally intelligent people ask good questions, listen to what others are saying, and engage in conversations intently. Smart people exercise great judgment and intuition around the subtleties of group dynamics and are fully aware of the effect their words will have on the team.

Having great team players is a prerequisite for effective teamwork, and it is solid teamwork that unlocks the true and full potential of teams. People who are humble, hungry and smart demonstrate behaviours such as vulnerability-based trust, healthy conflict, active commitment, peer-to-peer accountability, and a focus on results. These, in turn, lead to incredibly successful teams.

Business for good.

We believe that it’s the role of every business to create a lasting legacy beyond just profit, because doing good isn’t just good for our global community and planet, it’s good for business.

We passionately believe in the power of our business to do good for our employees, clients, communities, and our planet. This is achieved through our commitment to CSR and ESG standards, our commitment to the United Nation’s global goals, and our commitment to the global 1% pledge.

Our delivery team.

Our delivery team includes the best quality assurance and testing professionals in the industry. They’re experts in financial services, and they work well with your SMEs, project delivery teams and technical staff.

Our head office team.

We’re proud of our team and the expertise they bring to their fields. They include specialists in QA testing, financial services, business leadership, operations, finance and HR. They love what they do and are always happy to share their experience with others.

Daniel Dore

CEO and Founder

Jamie Stephens

Managing Director

Gareth Nagle

Business Development Director

Mark Telford

Finance Director

Darren Jones

HR Director

Laura Philbin

Head of Operations

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