Modern Slavery Act Statement and Policy

Modern Slavery Act Statement

This statement is made on behalf of Assured Thought pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the ‘Act’) and constitutes our company’s slavery and human trafficking statement.

Our business and structure

Assured Thought is a limited company providing Testing & Quality Assurance services in England & Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

Purpose and voice

As an organisation whose purpose is to define, prepare, facilitate, and deliver exceptional bespoke test solutions to financial services companies, we will not trade or partner with any business or organisation which is involved in this shocking practice however remotely or indirectly. We promote fair and reasonable standards in the treatment of people who are operating within our sphere of influence.

Our supply chains

Our supply chains include 3rd party consultants who are trained to employ our proprietary methodology. We have reviewed the risks that these supply chains can present and whilst we consider our exposure to modern slavery to be very limited, we expect our suppliers and contractors to demonstrate a zero-tolerance approach to exploitation.

To this end, all new contracts, and those renewing, now include a clause requiring that our suppliers, and their subcontractors, comply with the Act, and include an Assured Thought right to terminate in the instance of any breach of this obligation.

Due diligence

As part of our procurement process, we will only engage with suppliers and contractors who confirm their compliance with the Act. In each financial year, we will contact all suppliers where our spending is greater than £5,000 to raise awareness and seek assurance of compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Our people and policies

We have promoted to all our employees and contractors that modern slavery is a global problem that affects us all. We have shared examples of how individuals can unwittingly be part of the cycle.
We have highlighted that everyone has a vital role to play in tackling the issue. We have adapted and re-promoted our existing corporate policies to incorporate modern slavery and human trafficking issues, including anti-bribery & corruption, and our whistleblowing policy which allows employees to report any concerns confidentially. Including, but not limited to:
• Anti-Bribery & Corruption
• Conduct & Behaviour
• Dignity at Work
• Public Interest Disclosure
• Whistleblowing

During the last financial year, all staff across the entire organisation completed a specific training briefing to increase their awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking so that they can understand, identify and be able to report on these risks. Staff will undergo refresher training biennially.

Modern Slavery Act Policy

Assured Thought provides a workplace that is positive, creative, and rewarding, giving all employees the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to our success.

We will not tolerate harassment of any kind in our workplace. We promote an open culture, where people are encouraged to ask questions if they are unsure and to raise concerns if they believe our Code of Conduct has been violated.

Employees who become aware of or suspect any conduct that they believe violates any applicable law, rule, regulation, company policy or other provision of the Code of Conduct, are required to report such improper conduct as promptly as possible. Employees can report the matter directly to a director or human resources representative.

Our code of conduct is designed to provide the basic principles to support our people in working to the best of their abilities while maintaining the trust and solid reputation we have built. All employees are required to read and understand this policy which is provided in our employee handbook.

Assured Thought will not tolerate modern slavery in our supply chain or in any part of our business. We are committed to ensuring that there is transparency in our own business and to tackling any modern slavery in our supply chain. We expect the same standards from our vendors and contractors.

Our policies and employee handbook reflect our commitment to ethical business practice and corporate citizenship. We ensure consistent messaging of these policies is distributed throughout our business and management at all levels, as well as in our supply chain.

This Modern Slavery Act Policy is effective as of February 01, 2022.

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