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The financial services industry is thriving. There is more technology, resources, and opportunities than ever before. Most importantly, you can solve lots of important problems for your clients with smart thinking and innovation.

The 5A blueprint is a QA testing operating model that delivers change with speed, control and rigour.

Minimise risk. Maximise opportunity. Deliver certainty.

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5A Products and Services.


Augment your delivery teams with Assured Thought specialist test and QA resources and see better outcomes become reality even faster.

Rapidly deploy specialist resources for flexibility and scale.
Our test and QA skills encompass test managers and test leads, defect managers, test analysts, automation test specialists, non-functional testers, performance test specialists, security and penetration testers and data migration test specialists.

Capabilities include test and QA governance, functional testing, technical testing and continuous improvement.

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Assured Thought Accelerators are ready-to-go products designed to move you faster towards your objectives and goals.
Accelerators include:

  • QATest OS Implement a standardised testing operating model across your business.
  • AutoTest OS End-to-end test automation solution that delivers value fast.
  • PerfTest OS Framework and tools to validate systems for speed, performance, scalability, and peak traffic volumes.
  • Defect OS Defect management framework that ensures all defects are tracked with clarity and resolved efficiently.
  • CyberSec OS Security and penetration testing that protects your company’s data and reputation.

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Assurance delivery solutions, that take care of all your testing and QA responsibilities, helping you to deliver complex business and digital change faster and efficiently.
Assured Thought specialists, that are financial services experts, give you the certainty that your change, upgrade or transformation works and that any risks are mitigated.

We deliver empirical evidence that your requirements are met and defects prevented, and our user acceptance test framework free’s your business SMEs to focus on your clients.

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Audits and assessments that provide the clarity and solutions you need to progress with confidence and peace of mind. Start early and maximise your benefits and outcomes.
Expert auditors and assessors deliver you fully documented findings, recommendations and solutions.

  • QATest 360 A 360 assessment of your QA Test function, governance and maturity.
  • DxTest 360 A 360 healthcheck of your critical transformation and change projects.
  • QATool 360 Standardise your testing tools and processes with our tool assessment and selection service.
  • Vendor 360 Audit your new or incumbent software vendor’s quality processes and procedures.
  • TestRecruit 360 Access to the best perm talent and expertise available with our recruitment service.

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You and your team deserve to be recognised for success. It’s time to shine the spotlight on your hard work and achievements and recognise quality is a vital function of any firm.
It’s time to highlight you and your team’s successes and achievements.

Assured Thought can help raise your profile both within your company and to the wider world through our own services and those of our specialist partners.

Be great at what you know, and be known for what you’re great at.

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